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Life is an adventure. Run it with Redfish.

Christmas Fun Run

Supporting Westbury Lions

I don't want you to miss out on Parkrun. If you fancy the challenge, back to back, Parkrun + Xmas Fun Run

Plain Crazy

Supporting Warminster Poppy Appeal

A hilly, cold, scenic, desolate, windy, winter race! 12+ miles across part of Salisbury Plain military training area.

Bowerhill Bomber

Supporting Melksham Carnival There are stiles, gates, bridge, fields, towpaths and some roads and hopefully lots of mud.

Dilton Dash

Supporting Dilton Marsh Village The route is multi terrain, consisting of footpaths, tracks and a little bit of road. There are stiles & gates.

Bratton Hilly

Supporting Bratton Jubilee Hall Picturesque, challenging, multi terrain course with panoramic views, then this is the event for you.

Carnival Chase

Supporting Warminster Carnival

Country lanes, tracks and trails. Starting and finishing by the boating lake. No stiles but a few kissing gates.

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